There are seperate hostels for men and women students in the College Campus. Facilities like indoor games, reading room and TV are provided. A Ladies deputy Warden and a Gents deputy Warden take care of the welfare of the students and maintenance of the discipline. The deputy wardens look after the day to day administration of the hostels.
The hostel inmates have to follow the hostel rules. The visitors are allowed to come and see their wards on 2nd and 4th Sundays from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. every month. Visitors Cards are issued to the hostel students to enable their Parents / relatives to visit them. Failure to follow the rules of the hostels will lead to the expulsion of the students from the hostels. Expelled students will not be admitted to the hostels again.
A water purifying system which has a purifying capacity of 100 litres per hour is availabl in the hostels to give pure drinking water. Hostels provide regular veg.meals and periodical Non-veg meals to the inmates. Coin Pay Phone facility is available for the hostel students. There is a Post Office also within the Collge campus, functioning for the benefit of the students.
All ordinary buses plying from Erode to Palani (VIA) Arachalur stop at Palayakottai. Besides all town busses stop at Palayakottai.


Free Transportation is provided for the students during weekend holidays or during festival time in order to facilitate them for a safe and secure journey.
All day scholar staff and students utilize free transport facility provided by the management.


Applications for Scholorships, loans, etc. should be submitted in the prescribed forms to the princial within 15 days from the date of admission of the candidate to the college.They should also submott all the certificates called for pertaining to the nature of scholorship or, loan. Students are advised to have an adequate number of Xerox attested copies of all certificates with them before submission. Original certificates submitted during admission, will not be given to the students in the middle of the course, for any purpose the student might say. All scholorships granted are liable to be withdrawn in case of misconduct of the students concerned.
Necessary certificates will be issued to the students to get educational loan from banks. /p>